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Friday, 26 November 2010

Harpic type toilet bowl cleaner gel

Toilet bowl cleaner like Harpic

Classicol ATX : Classicol ATX is a proprietary blend of fatty amine,fatty alcohol Ethoxylates & cationics This surfactant blend gives thickening effect to hydrochloric acid, It also provides excellent cleaning This surfactant thickens the acid system giving a longer cling time to the bowl and at the same time slips down the bowl evenly to remove inorganic stains and lime scales effectively and efficiently.
Method of use:

Premium grade:
Demineralized water or RO water    640 grams  
Classicol ATX                                66 - 70 grams                               
​Hydrochloric acid ( 32- 33%)           300 grams
Methyl salicylate ( optional)             2 drops

Method of production:

Measure out the water into a plastic drum and to it add Classicol ATX and mix well. Lastly add the hydrochloric acid and mix well for 5 - 10 minutes. Allow the whole gel to settle for at least 12 hrs, then add the Methyl salicylate and pack into hdpe containers.

Caution:  Handle Hydrochloric acid carefully, use hand gloves, and face mask, goggles..