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Friday, November 26, 2010

Harpic type toilet bowl cleaner gel


1. De ionized water 0.650 grams
2. Classicol ATX 0.100 grams
3. Hydrochloric acid (37%) 0.250 grams
4. Fragrance (Acid stable) 0.002 grams


In a plastic bucket measure out the water and to it add classicol ATX, mix well and after the classicol ATX has dissolved completely add the hydrochloric acid and keep mixing till you get a thick and clear blue gel. Now add the fragrance the next day and mix well.

Your toilet bowl cleaner gel like harpic is ready in minutes. It removes stains, cleans and disinfects in one go.

Caution: Hydrochloric acid is corrosive and please handle it carefully with rubber gloves and a face mask and googles for safety.

The fragrance should be acid stable for the fragrance to retain its flavor. Acid stable fragrance are available from SH Kelkar & Co mumbai. some flavours are available with me. you can contact me.

Classicol ATX is available from me, the current price is Rs 150 per kg.