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Monday, 27 July 2015

Liquid detergent for cloth washing using Classic fabric wash UC

Classic fabric wash UC:  Classic fabric wash is a high performance blend of anionic and non ionic surfactants with optical brighteners to give a high quality Liquid detergent for regular wash, The detergent made with Classic fabric wash works well in hard water, it can be used for hand washing and top loading washing machines. It efficiently removes dirt,oil sweat smell and provides clean and fragrant smelling clothes, It is a gentle formulation which does not spoil delicate clothes.The product is very effective and economical to use.

Method of production:

1. Demineralized water or Reverse osmosis water     2.000 / 3.000 kg
2. Classic fabric wash                                             1.000 kg
3. Colour ( blue)                                                        1/2 gm
4. perfume                                                                15 - 25 ml
5. Salt                                                                    45 - 60 gram

In a plastic bucket measure out the water and to it add the other ingredients in order, lastly add the salt in steps of 10 grams and mix thoroughly till all the salt dissolves well. Your high quality liquid detergent is ready in minutes.

Pack in attractive HDPE cans.

Usage:  for hand wash use 50 ml for 10 - 12 clothes, add the detergent to half bucket water and make up a good lather and soak the clothes for 15 - 30 minutes, Rinse in plain water and wring dry.

For hard tough dirt: use a small quantity of the concentrated detergent directly on the stain and rub gently and wash with regular process.

Machine wash:  use 60 ml for normal load of 5 kg.
Non aerosol type water based air freshener using classic care C5 UC

Classic care C5 UC :  Classic care C5 is a  non ionic low foam  blend which effectively solubilizes the perfume to give a stable m
emulsion. The surfactant blend acts in spreading the fragrance over longer period of time. The formulation produced is free from toxic hydrocarbons, alcohols and also is low foaming hence does not cause any slipperiness.

Method of production:

Demineralized water or RO water              9

Classic care C5                                           
0 grams

colour                                                          QS

Fragrance                                                    10 grams

Mix Classic care C5 UC with the fragrance and gradually add water and finally add colour if required. You should get a
​ clear micro​

Allow the foam to settle down and pack into trigger spray containers.

For use; Just spray 4 - 5 times from the centre of the room in the upward direction and repeat after every 2 - 3 hrs for effective deodourization.
Multi surface Hygiene cleaner cum sanitizer using classic floor shine UC like lisol type floor cleaner

Classic floor shine UC:   Classic floor shine is a highly concentrated blend of non ionic and cationic surfactant with a disinfectant level of upto 40%. This product can be effectively converted into a high quality floor cleaner. The floor cleaner made using classic floor shine is very effective in cleaning all types of surfaces at the same time providing good protection from a wide range of  disease causing virus and bacteria for extended periods of time.

Method of production:

Demineralized water or RO water            8.000 kg

Classic floor shine                                 1.000 kg

colour                                                    1/2 gram

Fragrance                                                 45 ml

In a plastic bucket measure out the water and to it add classic floor shine and mix well till it dissolves, now add the colour and fragrance and mix for 10 minutes or till you get a clear transparent coloured solution. 

Your high quality floor cleaner is ready in minutes.
Neem based White phenyle, all purpose cleaner  Without pine oil using Classic Neemal UC & Essential oils.

Classic Neemal UC;   Classic Neemal UC is a Herbal Neem based concentrate made from pure Neem in combination with biodegrabale surfactants. The concentrate when mixed with essential oils like citronella , eucalyptus, lemon grass and camphor oil and when diluted with RO water produces a thick milky emulsion which makes for a perfect natural all purpose cleaner cum sanitizer which can be used for cleaning all types of floors, Bathroom floors, toilet bowls, sinks, kitchen tops, etc.

Since the product is made from pure Neem, it possesses antibacterial and insecticidal properties which helps in cleaning and driving away insects like flies, roaches, ants, mosquitoes etc Neem is a passive way to eliminate insects and is being used world wide for its benefits. 

The product should be used on a daily basis to achieve the results.
Method of production:
1. Classic Neemal UC     1 Litre
2. Essential oils              50 - 75 ml

In a plastic bucket measure out Classic Neemal UC and to it add the essential oils and blend well for 5 minutes. Your Natural Neem s concentrate is ready in minutes. 

Dilution:  Premium quality 1 : 15,  Economy 1 :24  ( For best results Use only reverse osmosis water RO for dilution)

 Measure out the concentrate 1 litre and add the essential oils and mix well in a plastic bucket or tank. Now to it add RO water 250 ml and mix well for about 5 minutes, then in steps of 5 litres keep adding water while maintaining the mixing. Mix well for about 5 minutes after all the water has been added.

Allow the white cleaner to settle for about 6 - 8 hrs and then using a cloth filter, filter the cleaner before filling into suitable containers.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Neem based white phenyle using Classimulse NE

Neem based white phenyle (Nature care series)
Nature's way to clean
Benefits of using Neem based white phenyle. 
Neem oil is a natural anti insectiside, which helps in control of insect menace at homes. It is effective against crawling, flying, insects and other common insects like cockroaches, spiders, termites, bugs etc. Most insects cannot develop resistance to Neem oil. Hence it works well in all seasons.

Neem oil works like a charm, it is non toxic, so does not affect environment, plant, pets and humans in any way. Neem oil when comes in contact with the insects, it alters the habits ofinsect feeding and cuts of the reproduction glands, hence insects are unable to lay eggs or reproduce, so over a short period of time, there will be noticable change in places where Neem oil based white phenyle is used.
The inclusion of camphor, eucalyptus, citronella, tend to ward away house flies and mosquitoes. pine oil is a very good disinfectant and also helps in cleaning oil, grease.
The aroma of the white phenyle is very pleasing and long lasting.

Classimulse NE  
classimulse NE is a quality emulsifier made from pure neem oil with a combination of anionic and non ionic surfactants. It works well to emulsify pine oil and other essential oils to make for a high quality white phenyle which possess anti insectiside properties, which normal phenyle do not have.

Anti insect white phenyle concentrate

1. Classimulse NE                        1.000 litre
2. pine oil ( 25 - 28% grade )          1.500 litre
3. Camphor oil                               0.500 ml
4. Eucalyptus oil                            0.060 ml
5. Citronella                                   0.090 ml


In a plastic bucket measure out 1litre of classimulse NE and to it add the remaining ingredients and mix well till you get a clear amber colour transparent solution. Your Neem based anti insec white phenyle concentrate is ready in minutes.


In a plastic bucket measure out 1litre & 50 ml of the white phenyle concentrate and to it add 500 ml of soft water (demineralized water or reverse osmosis water is best )and mix well for 5 minutes.
Now add 2.5 litre soft water and again mix well for 2 - 3 minutes. Now while maintaining mixing add soft water remaining of  16 litres and mix thoroughly for another 5 minutes. your 20 litres white phenyle is ready.

Your anti insect Neem based white phenyle is ready for packaging.